is Implemented in Your Pipelines.

Our CLI scans your CI/CD pipelines to verify that security, code quality, and compliance checks are in place.

Prevent CI/CD Misconfigurations

Avoid failures and security issues resulting in production incidents and reduce engineering teams dependency on DevOps engineers


How Does it Work?

Our CLI tool provides end-to-end discovery analysis of your CI/CD pipelines.

Map the tools you use across your CI/CD pipelines
Use free text to search for any tool you need
Get CI/CD schemas for an in-depth analysis

With Allero, Only High Quality Code Makes it to Production.

Multi-platform Support

Gain visibility into your pipelines across multiple SCM and CI/CD platforms in one single tool.

Manage Deployment Risks

Simply query pipelines to ensure they are up to security, compliance, and quality standards, across the entire organization.

Easy to Install

Simplicity is our thing. Just download the CLI, generate a token, and start querying pipelines.

Supported Platforms

Enjoy our industry best practices or create your own

Allero comes with built-in rules, and is developed to be as friendly as possible for you to create your own rules!
It has never been easier to create and enforce policies on CI/CD pipelines.

Download the CLI
Generate your PAT
Gain the power of Allero

One CLI to rule them all

Prevent Violations

Integrate Allero into your SDLC to fail a PR if the repo's pipelines don't meet your policy

Stay in Control

Gain visibility of the entire organization for pipelines issues that may result in production incidents

Shift-left CI/CD

Provide guardrails to developers when building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines, to achieve end-to-end developer independence

Supported Platforms
“Allero.io is needed in every company's toolbox”
John Smith
CEO at Lumani

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